US intelligence: up to 60% of Russian missiles do not fire during shelling – Reuters

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US Intelligence: Up to 60% of Russian Missiles Fail During Attacks — Reuters

The United States estimates that Russia has up to 60% failures of some of the precision-guided missiles it fires at Ukraine.

This is reported by Reuters, citing US officials who hold intelligence.

The data may help explain why the Russian Federation has failed to achieve its main goals in the month since the start of its invasion, even despite the superiority Russian armed forces.

U.S. officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to confidentiality, did not answer the question of what exactly is the reason for the high failure rates of Russian missiles.

In the Kremlin and the Russian Ministry of Defense did not respond to requests.

Such a high failure rate could be anything from failed launches to failure of a missile on impact.

According to the Pentagon, since the beginning of the war, Russia has launched more than 1,100 missiles of all types on the territory of Ukraine. But U.S. officials have yet to say how many hit their targets and how many didn't.

Intelligence reports that Russian air-launched cruise missiles have a failure rate of 20 to 60%, depending on the day . It is noted that Russia has used two types of air-launched cruise missiles in Ukraine: Kh-555 and Kh-101.

It is believed that a failure rate of 20% or more would be considered high.

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