US military experts failed to confirm the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs

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US military experts failed to confirm the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs

US military experts have submitted a confidential report on incidents with unidentified flying objects to the administration of President Joe Biden.

According to sources in the New York Times, experts have not been able to find a connection with such cases with aliens. Experts also failed to refute the assumption.

The only thing that the authoritative commission was able to prove for sure is the fact that the overwhelming number of incidents over the past 20 years cannot be associated with American technology.

The report itself, in an abridged version, will be presented to the US Congress on June 25th.

Fans of theories of extraterrestrial interference in the fate of humanity are eagerly awaiting the release of the document.

In addition to the fact that the report does not clarify the origin of UFOs, it argues that some of the cases of mysterious phenomena can be attributed to secret tests conducted by Russia or China, which is of particular concern to the intelligence services.

Speaking about those cases that have already become public, for example, videos that were declassified last year by military pilots, experts admitted that they could not confidently judge the nature of unknown atmospheric phenomena.

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