US Navy opens warning fire in Persian Gulf over Iranian ships

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US Navy opens warning fire in Persian Gulf over Iranian ships

In the Persian Gulf, US Navy ships opened warning fire. The crew was forced to do this after the ships of the naval forces of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) approached them. This was reported on April 28 on the Pentagon website.

It is noted that, for its part, the American team has repeatedly sent various warnings, including via radio and loudspeaker. However, despite the measures taken, the proper reaction was not followed and the crew had to open warning fire.

“American teams sent out many warnings over radio and loudspeaker, but the IRGC naval ships continued to maneuver at close range. The crew of the Firebolt fired warning shots. Only after that did the IRGC Navy ships move to a safe distance from the American ships, the statement said on Twitter.

There have already been similar incidents. So, last year, the American side said that the IRGC's water vessels were dangerously maneuvering alongside US warships in the Persian Gulf.

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