US police arrested a courier and delivered a pizza instead

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US police arrested a courier and delivered a pizza instead

A policeman from the US state of California arrested a courier delivering pizza while checking his driver's license, after which he sent his order to customers. This is reported by Fox News with reference to the local police department.

An officer by the name of Daityl checked the documents of the violator of the traffic rules and found that a warrant was issued for his arrest – the courier was suspected of serious crimes. The law enforcement officer arrested the driver and took him to the station. At the same time, he drew attention to the fact that he was carrying delivery to pizzeria customers.

Daily took the pizza and handed it to another officer named McCarthy, who took it to the designated address. The department jokingly noted that the policeman did not take the tips owed to the deliverymen.

Fox News generally maintains a positive attitude towards police officers in the country. With the death of black criminal George Floyd during a brutal arrest in 2020, protests against police brutality have erupted in the United States. The protesters believe that law enforcement officers are showing unreasonable cruelty to African Americans.

This view of the situation also applies to cases when the police performed all the actions prescribed by the instructions. In particular, another round of demonstrations in the summer of 2020 began after a black man attacked the officers who were detaining him, snatching a stun gun from one of them, and was shot dead. In protest, local police went on strike.

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