US regulator wants to ban menthol cigarettes

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US regulator wants to ban menthol cigarettes

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday announced it would propose to ban menthol cigarettes in the US, CNBC reported.

According to the head of the FDA Janet Woodcock, by these actions the regulator “will help to significantly reduce the number of young people who start smoking,” increase the chances of quitting this bad habit for already smokers, and also reduce the number of health problems in communities of color, low-income groups and representatives LGBTQ + (sexual minorities – IF), “all of whom are much more likely to use these tobacco products.”

Menthol is the last US-approved flavoring agent for cigarettes. According to the FDA, it is disproportionately smoked by young people, people of color and the poor. Most African Americans, according to the regulator, prefer brands of menthol cigarettes. And the highest percentage of lung cancer in the country now occurs among black men.

The channel notes that this proposal is likely to face opposition from the tobacco industry. The FDA plans to introduce standards banning menthol cigarettes within the next year. The regulator will also propose to ban all flavorings in cigars.

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