US resumes deportation of Russian citizens, including those who fled from mobilization – The Guardian


US resumes deportation of Russian citizens, including those who fled from mobilization - The Guardian

The United States resumed the deportation of citizens of the aggressor state. In particular, those Russians who are fleeing the mobilization.

The publication notes that after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the United States suspended the deportation of citizens of the aggressor state. However, a recently arrived Russian, running away from mobilization, was deported back.

US deports Russians

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said this week that it remains committed to enforcing immigration laws humanely, efficiently and professionally. In addition, they noted that they were being deported, in particular, to Russia, in accordance with the guidelines for deportation from the United States.

It is not known exactly when the deportations to the aggressor state resumed. The publication notes that the White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Texas lawyer Jennifer Scarborough told The Guardian that among her clients were four Russians who sought asylum in the United States out of alleged fear of being drafted. Immigration officials told her that one of the men had been deported over the weekend. The lawyer has no doubt that he was sent to Russia. Two other clients have already received a forced removal order and may be deported soon.

According to Scarborough, the immigration officials decided that the fear of being drafted did not meet the criteria for a “credible fear” definition, and they each filed an appeal with an immigration judge who agreed that they did not meet those criteria.

The Immigration Service, in a Guardian commentary, noted: “U.S. immigration law allows non-citizens to claim exemption from deportation, including fear-based proceedings. However, after all due process and appeals have been exhausted, and non-citizens remain subject to Immigration Judge's Final Order for Removal, officers may effect removal.”

Occupants plan mass deportation in Zaporozhye

Russian invaders want to carry out a mass deportation of residents of the temporarily occupied territories They say that people will be taken out allegedly to the temporarily occupied Crimea.

The invaders openly declared that they would deport government institutions, hospitals, children's and social organizations, schools, etc. Local residents are encouraged to take even food and water with them. In general, the enemy wants people to take 50 kilograms of things for each family member.

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