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The United States provided asylum for Russian fugitives from Putin's mobilization and repressions for a year. However, the Biden administration's stance appears to have changed.

The United States has tacitly resumed deportations of Russians, a clear change from the position taken after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when such deportations were halted.

The Guardian writes about it.

According to the publication, a young Russian who came to America, who fled from Putin's mobilization, was suddenly deported from the States back to Russia last weekend. It arrived in the US via Mexico.

Jennifer Scarborough, a Texas lawyer whose clients include four Russians who entered the US across the border from Mexico. This is one of her clients who was deported to Russia over the weekend.

According to the lawyer, the migration authorities came to the conclusion that the threat of mobilization cannot be considered a basis for granting asylum.

Two other Scarborough clients remain in legal limbo. They did not have time to provide the necessary documents, so at any moment the Russians can be deported. One is currently in a Louisiana immigration detention center and the other was released after a hunger strike. The Russians assure the US Immigration Service that if they return home, they are subjected to harassment or torture.

A third Scarborough client was able to file in a timely manner and was given the opportunity for new hearings.

“In March 2022, the US announced that they were stopping deportations to Russia due to the political situation, so I don’t understand why they restored it and did it so quietly. If we are against this war, then why … deport people to fight in Ukraine,” the lawyer said.

Mobilization in the Russian Federation

Recall that on November 1, 2022, Russian dictator Putin announced the completion of mobilization in the Russian Federation , but he did not sign a separate decree on this. The military commissar of the cities near Moscow let slip that the mobilization in Russia was not over, but suspended.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov pointed out that more Russians of military age fled from Russia abroad than they were able to mobilize. According to various sources, after the announcement of mobilization, almost a million men fled from the Russian Federation.

In particular, in early October 2022, two residents of Chukotka fled Putin’s mobilization to Alaska on a small boat. They sailed on the sea for about 500 km. Later it turned out that they were pulled out of an American prison by a Ukrainian priest.

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