US Supreme Court Refuses to Disclose Trump Tax Payments

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US Supreme Court Refuses to Disclose Trump Tax Payments

Donald Trump

The US Supreme Court has given up on the idea of disclosing tax returns and other financial documents of President Donald Trump to Democratic congressional members. Reported by Reuters.

He returned the case to the lower courts. Thus, the highest court upheld the decision to turn over tax information to a New York court so that the president could present constitutional and legal objections to the state grand jury.

“The decision of the court threatens to undermine the functioning of the institution of the presidency,” one of the judges, Samuel Alito, justified his decision.

Demands for the issuance of tax returns were put forward by Democrats in Congress: they believe that there are violations there. Banks and firms from which the documents were demanded agreed to provide them. However, the decisions of the courts were appealed by the White House. At the same time, the country's Constitution does not indicate whether it is possible to bring charges against the president on the basis of tax returns.

In October 2018, The New York Times published an article in which it accused the father of American leader Frank Trump of tax fraud and fraud, through which Trump Jr. made a fortune. It is noted that in the 1990s, the son received from his father an amount equivalent to today's $ 413 million. Most of it came from “dubious tax schemes.”

The article stated that Trump Jr. received most of his fortune because he helped his parents carry out financial fraud and evade taxes. He and his sister set up a dummy business to receive millions of dollars in gifts from their parents. The current president also helped his father make millions of dollars in tax deductions.

Trump has repeatedly refused to publish his tax return. Opponents of the American leader even staged protests because of this. The president explains his unwillingness, among other things, by the ongoing audit.

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