US surveillance planes over Taiwan, Beijing threatens to oust Pelosi's board


US surveillance planes operate in the sky near Taiwan, Beijing threatens to push Pelosi out of the airspace

Pelosi plane could be pushed out of airspace/Channel 24 Collage

The situation around Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan continues to escalate. Beijing is already threatening to oust its plane if it tries to fly into Taipei.


Experts stress that the People’s Liberation Army of China is ready to make every effort to prevent Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan from being realized. To do this, the country’s Ministry of Defense is even ready to intercept her plane.

Entering the airspace is fraught with conflict

Chinese military expert Su Zhongping is convinced of this. He noted that the country is working on the possible need to push enemies through the Taiwan Strait. Moreover, Beijing is prepared for military conflicts that could arise from the intervention of both the United States and Japan.

But Fu Qianshao, another Chinese military aviation expert, shared another remark. He underlined, that Chinese military aircraft are able to conduct regular patrols near the island of Taiwan. In addition, the country’s military capacity is much greater than it was before. And it speaks of both the regular army and the fleet and aviation.

Chinese aviation can open fire

If a Pelosi plane enters our exercise area, we will have to take action to eject, intercept, escort, and send out a radio warning… If Pelosi gets his way, our warplanes can fire projectiles diagonally ahead of the Pelosi plane for additional warning,” Fu said.

He also added that in the “first chain of islands” the advantage of the Chinese troops is much greater than that of the same US military, whose surveillance aircraft are already operating near Taiwan. This means that the American military escort will not be able to ensure the safety of Pelosi in the event of a real threat.


Retired Lieutenant General Herman Shuai from Taiwan also suggested this. He emphasized that the landing of a US military aircraft at Taipei’s Songshan Airport is a serious violation of China’s red line. And it, Shuai notes, can only exacerbate the crisis caused by a possible visit of Pelosi.

Recall that on the eve of the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan has increased the level of combat readiness . This decision is temporary, and was introduced from the morning of August 2 to noon on August 4. Between these days, Nancy Pelosi is due to pay a visit to the state.


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