US to avenge downed drone, Russian economy 'will cry crocodile tears' – Zhdanov


US to avenge downed drone, Russian economy 'will cry crocodile tears' - Zhdanov

The United States will not just leave the incident with the downing of a drone over the Black Sea. The answer will be tough and fair

This opinion was expressed by military expert Oleg Zhdanov on Channel 24 . According to him, the United States will not stop patrolling international waters in the Black Sea.

Russia wanted to provoke the United States

According to Zhdanov, according to some information, Russian aircraft flew over the drone 19 times. MQ-9 Reaper to take him down. In the end, it was possible to do this due to physical contact. Russia tried to provoke the States to take a tough step.

The only thing the US will do is try to implement measures to avoid further clashes. It's the right way. Russia is provoking NATO and the United States to an aggressive attack in its direction, in order to then offer its own conditions for resolving the incident, Zhdanov believes.

In his opinion, Russia will definitely receive an answer for this incident. However, it may be in a different plane. Zhdanov is convinced that the Russian economy will still “cry crocodile tears” because of US revenge.

What to expect at the front in the coming days – Zhdanov's forecast: watch the video

Will Russia get important information if it finds a drone

Russia has already begun searching for the wreckage of the drone. They probably want the electronics from this drone, which they can then donate to China or Iran. There's microchip-reading technology to make copies.

There are doubts that Russia will be able to detect all the wreckage of this drone. It all depends on where he was shot down. As you know, there is hydrogen sulfide in the depths of the Black Sea. It's hard to get anything from there. In addition, perhaps the Americans have launched a self-liquidation mechanism. The drone could just explode.

If you believe the American version and the coordinates where the incident took place, then there is a depth of about 2 kilometers. And below a kilometer is solid hydrogen sulfide. No one is looking there, because nothing can be seen. According to the Russian version, the depth at the crash site is about 1,500 meters,” Zhdanov said.

Theoretically, the occupiers can descend to such a depth on the AS-12 Losharik deep-sea boat. However, it is not currently in the Black Sea. And it is doubtful that he will be allowed there.

Beating an American Drone: Briefly

  • After Russian Su-27s shot down an American MQ-9 Reaper drone, the occupiers also said they would search for the wreckage. The United States believes that Russia has already found the remains. But the invaders will not receive any important intelligence. They made it impossible to obtain any confidential information.
  • A video of the drone being shot down has also been released in the United States. It was filmed by the onboard camera of the device.
  • According to some information, during the operation to search for the wreckage of the drone, the Russians used a prehistoric vessel that is in the ranks of Russia

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