US to launch mysterious military missile over Pacific Ocean

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US to launch mysterious military missile over Pacific Ocean

As it became known, the US military intends to launch an unknown military missile system over the Pacific Ocean. This should happen on one of the days from October 20 to October 29, 2021.

This became known thanks to the navigation warning sent to the pilots and mariners, Interfax writes. It is also noted that the launch itself will take place from the Kalyak test site off the southern coast of Alaska. The final point is called the Kwajalein Atoll area of the Marshall Islands.

Thus, the rocket should fly over the Pacific Ocean and cover about 2 thousand km.

Recall that earlier representatives of the United States Army, together with the American military-industrial corporation Lockheed Martin, tested the Precision Strike Missile (PrSM) missile. This is the same weapon that is also called the “killer” of the Russian S-400 “Triumph”.

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