US will not respond to Kremlin's point-by-point security ultimatums – White House

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 The United States will not respond to the Kremlin's ultimatums on security

However, the White House notes that in some On issues, the United States can reach agreements with the Russian Federation.

The White House reported that the United States during the upcoming Russia-US summit will not respond to the Kremlin's ultimatum proposals on strategic security, which the Russian Federation outlined in the following way called a “security guarantee” pact.

This was announced by White House spokesman Jen Psaki during a January 5 briefing.

At the same time, the administration of US President Joe Biden notes that on some issues the US can reach agreements with the Russian Federation.

“President Biden made it clear that on some issues we can make progress , according to others it is unattainable. We do not answer them point by point, and I do not think that we will do so in the negotiations “, – she said.

As a reminder, next week, January 10, The United States of America and the Russian Federation will hold talks on arms control and the situation in Ukraine. The next day, January 11, there will be talks between the representatives of Russia and the OSCE, January 12 – meeting of the Russia-NATO Council.

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