Useful idiot of the Kremlin, memory like a fish, – the psychologist explained what was in the head of the scandalous kiva


Useful idiot of the Kremlin, memory like a fish, – the psychologist explained what was in his head scandalous kiva

The traitor illa kiva has a number of psychological problems that he does not refuse to use in his public activities . His case may be of interest to specialists involved in clinical psychology.

Kiva demonstrates by his behavior and statements that he is an exalted and loud person. Political psychologist Valentin Kim told Channel 24 about this.

A sincere idiot

The expert noted that in the case of traitor Ilya Kiva, when a person is infinitely sincere, he infinitely believes in what he says. That is, when a person is infinitely exalted, he is really carried away by emotional waves of new and new ideas.

“For a person who has a working memory like an aquarium fish – 5 seconds, he remembers himself in the past, it is very easy for him to tune in to any new wave, as Mr. kiva demonstrated,” the specialist explained.

< p> According to him, kiva is very interesting as a psychological “case” in both political psychology and clinical psychology.

Indeed, the person is very exalted and loud. In general, he does not hear anyone – he reminded me of a capercaillie, who, when he starts shouting something, stops hearing everything that is happening around. kiva resembles such a bird. His memory also works strangely: he does not remember what he said 5 minutes ago, nor what he felt about it, – said the specialist.

and attitude to surrounding things.

“That is, a person falls step by step like balls. Each time we have a new kiva with some strange idea. Yes, and I'm not sure that he is a liar, because to lie you need to have outstanding intellectual abilities Mr. kiva demonstrated a very simple tuning of the nervous system,” the expert added.

As kiva says

At the same time, Valentin Kim states that the traitor has a very interesting way of speaking.

When he starts shouting out some slogans, his gaze goes to some height. He seems to start talking to a huge crowd, which “should listen to him.” He really begins to believe in what he says, his thought goes ahead and he does not remember what he said 5 minutes ago. The most important thing is not a rational essence, but an emotional one. This is a man of conscription,” Kim pointed out.

According to him, in times of trial, people like the Kiva always acquire some social weight: they begin to lead parties, socio-political platforms and movements, express some ideas.

“Due to the time when criticism towards enemies goes up and towards “friends” goes down, when the psychological disengagement rages – such kivas begin to move forward, they are very easy to sell this idea. Because the most important thing for them – turn everything into a cover of emotions: anger, rage, etc.,” the expert noted.

What's going on in kiva's head: watch the video

Random Traitor

In addition, the specialist claims that the kiva became a traitor by accident.

He just managed to become a traitor. He is simply useful to the idiot of the Kremlin. And so useful that the Kremlin does not understand how to deal with him. Mr. Kiva was of interest to the pro-Kremlin forces precisely because he demonstrated how people from the former camp of “Maidanites” and pro-Ukrainian political leaders are moving into the camp of the “Russian world,” the expert emphasized.

In his opinion, this kiva demonstrated the fluidity of patriotism, discrediting the national liberation movement in general.

Traitor ilya kiva: what is known

  • After Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, Illya Kiva decided to flee to Spain. The odious ex-politician said that this was not his war.
  • Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova on March 6 signed a Qiwi message about suspicion of treason and public calls to change the borders of Ukraine's territory. Subsequently, the DBR put him on the wanted list.
  • The fellow party members of the scandalous politician expelled him from the faction of the “Opposition Platform – During his lifetime”.
  • Kiva is known for its odious statements and anti-Ukrainian views. For example, a year ago he called Ukraine “prostitutes”. Previously, he also called Ukrainians slaves.
  • On August 4, the kiva received a new suspicion – due to a likely lie in the declaration.

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