Users reported crashes on Facebook and Instagram

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Users reported crashes on Facebook and Instagram

Users reported crashes on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram users around the world are complaining about interruptions, according to Downdetector, a website that tracks downtime.

The first reports of problems appeared after 19.40 Moscow time. Most of those who reported Facebook crashes in the US complained about an authorization problem – 58%. 20% of users announced a complete shutdown of the social network. Crashes were also reported in the news feed.

Also, large-scale failures are observed on Instagram in Europe and other countries. 57% of users complained about the work of the news feed.

It was previously reported that Facebook Messenger and Instagram crashes. On April 24, 68% of Instagram users complained about problems with the news feed. At the end of last year, Facebook Messenger users also reported problems with the service. Problems have been reported in the UK, Greece, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Australia. Then Downdetector recorded problems with receiving messages from 52% of users, 31% of them could not connect to the server, 16% to log in.

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