Uses ballistic missiles – Yakovenko told whether Putin will increase terrorism


Uses ballistic missiles, – Yakovenko told whether Putin will increase terrorism

Putin can't do anything about the Ukrainian army, that's why he engages in terrorism. Attacks on the thermal power plant are not the worst thing that this madman can do.

This Channel 24 was told by Russian opposition journalist and politician Igor Yakovenko. He assumes that terrorist attacks on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine will continue. After all, Putin literally cannot do anything else.

It is clear that this will not give any approximation to success. Zelensky clearly and fairly said that Ukraine will survive this (rocket strikes on energy infrastructure – Channel 24), Yakovenko stressed.

Does Putin have the resources to build up terrorism

Yakovenko notes that he is not Putin's personal psychiatrist, so he does not know what is going on in his head. However, the Russian dictator may well bring in strategic troops and launch intercontinental missiles at Ukrainian cities. Anything is possible.

It will have no military significance. For such means do not destroy military facilities. This will seriously increase the number of civilian casualties and destroy cities. Yakovenko noted.

However, such a potential blow would cause even more trouble for Putin. After Yakovenko believes, the West will definitely allocate operational tactical missile systems to Ukraine, which will allow it to hit targets on Russian territory. However, he can still do a lot of trouble, especially when the defeat of Russia is getting closer.

“I'm talking theoretically about the answers that he can give to defeat. >Defeat is death for him. And he can still make a lot of trouble before he is destroyed,” he added. Yakovenko.

According to Channel 24 sources in the Ukrainian special services, apparently, the Russian invaders have a catastrophic situation with reserves. They stopped withdrawing from the front infidels who had run out of short-term contracts.

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