Usually dictators don't end well – US politician on Putin's fate after news from The Hague


Usually dictators don't end well - US politician on Putin's fate after news from The Hague

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin. And it can unite dictators for a while.

This opinion was shared on Channel 24 by a public and political figure from the United States, a deputy from Rock County in Wisconsin Yuri Rashkin. But at the same time, he stressed that dictators usually don't end well.

Putin with a broken trough

Yuri Rashkin believes that Putin started a war that he does not need. He can stop everything at once, and his propaganda team will soften the fall of the “leader”. However, the head of the Kremlin chooses a broken trough.

“Continuing the war with the help of China will only aggravate the situation for Russia. Because the war will end, but the sanctions will not. And Putin’s head should be part of these sanctions,” the speaker said.

Yuri Rashkin about the tribunal for Putin: watch the video

Testing Putin's Strength

The American politician notes that now Vladimir Putin is being tested for strength – he has never felt like this before. And in the positions of world leaders has long been lagging behind.

“When the great war began a year ago, it was obvious that it was not Putin who would sign the peace treaty. Because a person in such a situation and the world who tried to negotiate, but received this, would not negotiate with him. He cannot be trusted,” Rashkin noted.

Putin's positions after the warrant: opinions

  • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz supported the ICC's decision to arrest Putin and noted that “no one is above the law.”
  • Although the warrant has shaken Putin's figure in the international arena, Chinese leader Xi Jinping is likely to meet with the head of the Kremlin and want to secure Russia's status as a Chinese vassal.
  • In the meantime, Yevgeny Prigozhin and Ramzan Kadyrov have become very popular in Russia and could sit Putin out.

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