Valve Steam Deck Pocket Game Console Will Be Compatible With Windows 11

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Valve Steam Deck Pocket Game Console Will Be Compatible With Windows 11

Valve's new Steam Deck still supports Windows 10 – thanks to Proton, a Windows-based software that can run many officially unsupported games. But in the near future, the manufacturer plans to introduce the ability to manage the console with Windows 11.

To do this, a TPM option will be added to the Steam Deck – Trusted Platform Modules. Since the Steam Deck runs by default on SteamOS, the custom version of Linux, the new option will not only support Windows 11, but completely bring the console under control of that OS. According to Greg Coomer, designer of Valve's Steam Deck, the company has paid so much attention to supporting Windows 10 that it did not delve into the fact that very soon Windows 11 will be a full-fledged user system. He also noted that Valve is working with AMD to make sure TPM is BIOS-supported and that the Steam Deck is truly Windows 11-ready.

Meanwhile, this development is important for Valve – in order to create a confident competitor to the Xbox from the Steam Deck. As the source notes, without this innovation, many fashionable games, most likely, will not work on the console. Moreover, this applies to games with anti-cheat. According to the developers, Windows support addresses compatibility issues, but adds work, in particular, to rework the interface that is not adapted to the new 7-inch screens.

It is noted that despite the difficulties, the company intends to offer Valve Steam Deck with Windows 11 support later this year.

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