Vandals damaged dozens of artworks in Berlin

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Vandals damaged dozens of artworks in Berlin

Unknown vandals damaged dozens of artworks in museums in Berlin. This is reported by the Zeit newspaper in conjunction with the Deutschlandfunk TV channel with reference to its own sources.

The intruders sprayed some oily liquid on the exhibits. It is reported that among the damaged exhibits are ancient Egyptian sarcophagi, ancient sculptures and paintings. It is known about at least 70 objects that were attacked.

The target of the vandals was the “museum island” of the German capital: the Pergamon Museum, the Old National Gallery and the New Museum. This attack is called the largest in the FRG since the war. It is noted that it happened on October 3, but the management of the museums and the police did not publicly report this.

The motives of the attackers are still unknown. As the publication notes, the Pergamon Museum featured in conspiracy theories that intensified during the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the well-known propagandist-conspiracy theorist Attila Hildman argued that it is in this museum that the Satanists who rule the world conduct their wicked rituals.

In the summer, vandals desecrated the statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. They left the inscription “racist fish” on it.

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