Various doubles of Putin met with Kadyrov and his son, – psychologist


Various doubles of Putin met with Kadyrov and his son, - psychologist

Recently, Vladimir Putin met with the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, and earlier with his son. Each time there were different doubles of the Russian dictator.

This opinion was expressed by the candidate of psychological sciences Dmitry Popov on the Channel 24 stream. As Popov suggests, the most original Putin has not been seen since the end of the “zero” years, or he has changed a lot due to plastic surgery. Now the Kremlin uses various doubles, among which there is a “bunker” one – he rarely appears in public.

Who was at the meeting with Kadyrov

As Popov noted, judging by the photographs, Kadyrov really has something wrong with his health. His diction worsened even more. And at the meeting itself, he could be stabbed or he was in a state of remission.

For some reason, I talked with Kadyrov, in my opinion, “bunker”. The last time I said that he was seen from Shoigu. Now he crawled out. Do not understand why. There is no reason to use “bunker”. Kadyrov is sick. And a sick person is a carrier of something dangerous for the “bunker”, Popov noted.

The meeting with Kadyrov's 17-year-old son took place somewhat earlier. But Popov suggests that there was another double of Vladimir Putin, who spoke before the federal assembly and who “cheeked” a lot.

In all likelihood, this is how Kadyrov Sr. presented his heir. A 17-year-old guy is gradually brought to the local elites.

How to distinguish Putin's doubles

  • Former KGB officer and Russian foreign intelligence service Sergey Zhirnov told how the twins of the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin differ. Differences can be easily found in the photo and video.
  • For example, on February 21, while speaking to the federal assembly, Putin kept coughing, looked unwell, and was sitting 50 meters from the deputies who had been checked. The very next day there was a completely different Putin. He had a broader face, as if he had become very swollen in 24 hours. He has different eye sockets, a different head and wrinkles. He also had a slightly different voice.
  • The head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kirill Budanov, also doubted Putin's authenticity.

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