“Vasya thin joined” Tolstykh's “Giva”: near Vugledar, the commander of “Novorossia” was eliminated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine


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Vasil, an officer of the Russian Guard, who commanded the militants of the illegal formation of the so-called “Novorossiya”, near Ugledar, was eliminated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine thin.

thin lived in Magadan, served with the rank of captain of the 1st company of special forces. The occupier took part in the battles in Mariupol, and became “200th” near Ugledar.

Has been in Donbass since 2015.

The Russian was buried in a Ukrainian Donetsk After this fact, it was found out that the thin ones had been in the occupied territory of Donbass since 2015 as “IkhTamNet”. He was an instructor and commander of one of the illegal formations on the territory of the quasi-republic.

Liquidated militant/Photo by InformNapalm

In addition, since 2017, thin has been featured in the Peacemaker database as a militant of the NPF and a member of the “Union of Volunteers of Donbass”.

Thin went to Givi/Photo by InformNapalm

Enemy losses

The Russian army is suffering huge losses in Ukraine. For example, as of September 1, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported 48,350 liquidated invaders. Soon this mark will be 50 thousand. In addition, Ukrainian fighters destroyed thousands of pieces of enemy equipment.

By the way, British intelligence reported that as of August, at least 10 Russian generals had been eliminated in Ukraine. Due to failures in the war, about 6 Russian commanders were also fired.

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