Vengeful maniac Putin has sunk into public excuses


Vengeful maniac Putin has sunk to public excuses

Putin's speeches have become more and more like excuses for failures/Getty Images

I watched the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the St. Petersburg economic, sort of like an international forum, and I want to share my impressions with you. The fact is that this vengeful maniac Putin somehow began to pretend that he was not in business.

The “international” scale is amazing

And this phrase about that all the problems in the world economy were long before, as they say, “special military operation” in Ukraine, he repeated three times. And I get the impression that my grandfather is justified. And most importantly, grandfather began to vibrate.

So here's what's interesting: the forum is international, but only the President of Kazakhstan, Tokayev, came there. Moreover, he came and directly actually declared: “Hey, you, the occupiers are damned!” Because no one intends to recognize the occupied Donbass. And this was said by Kassym-Jomart Tokayev aloud right on the stage.

Yes, the heads of China and Egypt overthrew their appeals via Skype, but here a part of the international forum has a moment – there were also two more “independent states”, Luganda and Dombabwe. Here is the question: if the forum is international, then why were there no Gauleiters from Donetsk and Lugansk next to the grandfather of the war, the lord of the bunker? And most importantly, where did the Taliban, best friends, go?

The West should get ready

In general, Putin spoke, talked about the fact that NATO, the USA, and Europe are to blame for everything. And you know, such a nuance: when he starts to worry about citizens of other states, these citizens, and in this case we are talking about the European Union, urgently need to increase defense budgets. And this process is taking place because Europe and NATO are completely rearming. This is probably very important.

So, grandfather justified himself and weaved such nonsense that even Peskov did not weave. Yes, Putin is not dead yet, but he was generally referring to the Russian economy. I said several times that the economic blitzkrieg against Russia, the sanctions blitz, and so on, was defeated. In general, Russia is a rebel country. That is, they are killing Ukrainians solely because they are rebelling against the unipolar world.

Instead of a blitzkrieg, they got f**ks

Only when Putin constantly repeats the word blitzkrieg, yet they understand that this bastard, along with his “miracle knights”, screwed up in Ukraine. They wanted to capture our beautiful country in two or three days, but they got n**dy and they will get more. Boris Johnson came to us for a reason.

As I told you, we will have everything to protect our country: both money and weapons. So, the interests of Ukraine and the West have coincided with us. Why? Because Ukraine is the West.

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