Vereshchuk urged residents of the Kherson region to leave through the occupied Crimea


Vereshchuk urged residents of the Kherson region to leave through the occupied Crimea

Vereshchuk told how to leave the Kherson region/Collage of 24 channels

Irina Vereshchuk urged residents of the Kherson region to leave through the occupied Crimea. The Minister explained that this is especially true for families with children.

The Vice Prime Minister – Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine announced the relevant information when answering questions at the Ukrainian media center on June 20.

Vereshchuk explained how people can leave Kherson

Please leave, because our army will definitely de-occupy these lands. Our will to do so is unshakable. And it will be very, very difficult to open a humanitarian corridor when there are children there,” the minister explained.

Irina Vereshchuk assured that people would not break the law if they leave through the temporarily occupied Crimea. The minister explained that now this is almost the only corridor that can be used to leave Kherson.

“So, if possible, leave, especially with children,” assured Irina Vereshchuk.

< p>The official explained how children can be further:

  • as soon as you get to the territory of third countries – the European Union or others – you should contact any consulate or find an opportunity to call the ministry;
  • even without any documents, all countries will drop you;
  • if necessary, we will prepare documents and hand them over to the consulate where you will be staying.

Local authorities urged people to leave Kherson

Head of the Kherson Regional Council Oleksandr Samoylenko urged people to evacuate from the Kherson region. After all, the Armed Forces of Ukraine need a foothold to liberate the cities and villages of Kherson.

The official recalled that everyone saw how Russian infidels acted before they left the north of the Kiev region – Bucha and Irpin. The Russians used similar tactics when they liberated Mariupol and almost destroyed the city with 400 thousand people.

That is why Alexander Samoylenko explained that such a dismissal scenario is unacceptable for Kherson.

Yes, I myself made such a call (to leave the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region – ed. Channel 24). Why is he? The Armed Forces of Ukraine should have a springboard for activities, – explained the head of the regional council.

He added that he does not condemn people who will be evacuated through the temporarily occupied Crimea or decide to stay.

Latest news from Kherson

  • On June 20, adviser to the head of the Kherson Police Department Serhiy Khlan said that The Armed Forces of Ukraine rejected the Russian invaders from the first line of defense in the Kherson region. Therefore, the enemy moved to the second and third lines of defense.
  • Commenting on the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson direction, Aleksey Arestovich explained that our troops had 15-18 kilometers to Kherson. However, Andrei Yermak's adviser warned that this should not be rejoicing. In particular, because war is such a thing that you can walk 18 kilometers for six months. He added that in the future it will be seen how everything will happen.
  • But the invaders, fearing to lose “control” over the region, broke into the State Archive of the Kherson region with machine guns and stole documentation with voter lists.
  • It is known that the enemies received lists of the will of Ukrainians in the presidential elections in 2019.

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