Viber has a new anti-spyware feature

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Viber has a new anti-spyware feature

One of the most popular instant messengers in the world – Viber – has received another update, the main innovation of which is the anti-spyware function of self-destructing messages. From now on, participants in group chats will be able to send messages that, at the choice of their author, will be automatically deleted after 10 or 60 seconds, one hour or one day after reading.

The version of Viber for smartphones running the Android 6 operating system and its newer versions also protects the authors of self-destructing messages from the possibility of forwarding, copying or taking screenshots. On smartphones and tablets running iOS and earlier versions of Android, the privacy protection function works differently.

Here, group chat participants can take a screenshot of self-destructing messages, but all other chat participants will immediately receive a corresponding notification. Meanwhile, the European prices of the flagship Honor 50 have been announced.

Source: Viber

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