Volunteers organize evacuation from Lysychansk to Dnipro on April 9


Volunteers organize evacuation from Lysichansk to Dnipro on April 9

Evacuation from Lysichansk to be carried out on April 9/Photo from open sources

Tomorrow, April 9, people will be evacuated from Lisichansk, organized by Dnipro volunteers together with the Lisichansk city VGA.

Head of the Luhansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai said that the people who will be evacuated will be brought to Dnepr.

Volunteers will then help them find accommodation options in the West or Europe. We are talking about free accommodation and food for Ukrainian refugees.

Also, volunteers who organize the evacuation will help those in need to get to temporary places of residence free of charge. You can take pets with you.

The evacuation is scheduled for April 9 at 10:00 from:

  • city center, Sosyura street, 324, State Emergency Service;
  • RTI district, from the monument “Airplane”;
  • Privolye city square.

Fill in the form here

strong>, indicating contact details and a place from which it will be convenient to leave.

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