Vucic called Serbia's policy “neither pro-Russian nor pro-Western” and refused to impose sanctions


Vučić called Serbia's policy

Vučić pursues his own policy regarding events in Ukraine/Getty Images

Serbia continues to take an ambiguous position regarding the war in Ukraine. They are marked by statements of support for our territorial value, but at the same time they categorically do not impose sanctions against Russia.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić once again stated that his country supposedly has no way to support sanctions against Russia. They are going to conduct their own policy on events, which does not lean towards either of the positions of the two sides.

Serbia is the only one in Europe with its own policy

< p>According to Vučić, he is not a politician who first promises something and then does not deliver.

I don't know what will be in the future, what life will bring us and how everything will look like. I am not one of those who swear and then do not fulfill, I like to do something rather than swear, – said the President of Serbia.

He also stressed that his country is the only one in Europe holding own independent policy. The teacher says that this policy is neither pro-Russian nor pro-Western.

Serbia's position

  • In April of this year, pro-Russian President Aleksandar Vučić won elections in Serbia. He won the presidential elections, and his party won the parliamentary ones. At the end of March, he said that he was ready to provide Belgrade as a place for Ukrainian-Russian negotiations. According to him, Serbia is allegedly engaged in a war in Ukraine.
  • Vučić also stated that Serbia is 100 percent dependent on Russian gas, therefore, it will not be able to refuse it in the near future. Negotiations on a new contract for the supply of Russian gas should begin in the near future. This is despite the fact that the entire civilized world is thinking and looking for ways to abandon energy from the aggressor country.
  • But despite such support from Russia, one cannot say that Serbia takes the same position in relation to Belarus. After all, the country joined the sanctions that the European Union imposed on Belarus after February 24. Both of these countries have friendly relations with Russia. In early April, the EU imposed these sanctions for Belarus' involvement in the attack on Ukraine.

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