Wacker Innsbruck: contract with loan player dissolved by mutual agreement


The loan agreement between FC Wacker Innsbruck and the African soccer school “Aspire Academy” for the player Karim Conte was terminated by mutual agreement. Karim Conte was released from training by FC Wacker Innsbruck in January of this year. After the termination of his loan contract, the chapter ends and he is no longer a player of the traditional Tyrolean club. Wacker Innsbruck announced this on Monday.

Wacker Innsbruck: contract with loan player dissolved by mutual agreement

Karim Conte (* 25.08.1999) started his career in his home country and made it to the Aspire Academy, an African football school, at an early age. In 2018 he moved to Europe and moved to JK Tallinna Kalev in Estonia. Half a year later, the move to FC Wacker Innsbruck followed. There he was initially part of the second team that was playing in the second division at the time. Already in winter Conte was appointed to the extended squad of the Bundesliga team and was even able to book a position in the top Austrian league. From summer 2019 he was an integral part of the professional division in the second division and played a total of 69 games for FC Wacker Innsbruck.

Alfred Hörtnagl (Board Member Sport FC Wacker Innsbruck): “Karim (note: Conte) has been a constant in our team over the past few seasons. He was able to develop steadily and prove his potential many times. We are very happy that we were able to find a solution to the situation by mutual agreement after the release and wish him all the best for his future career. “

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