Wagnerian mercenary: a Russian pilot from a downed Su-25 was captured


Wagnerian mercenary: captured Russian pilot from downed Su-25

Ukrainians captured Wagnerian pilot/Collage of Channel 24

On June 18, Ukrainian defenders managed to capture a pilot from an SU-25 attack aircraft. The prisoner was a PKS major and an active Wagnerian.

Journalist Yuriy Butusov reported that on June 18, Ukrainian defenders from the 72nd mechanized brigade shot down a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft of the Russian Air Force from an old Igla man-portable air defense system in the Donetsk region. Also, the Ukrainian defenders managed to capture the pilot of the aircraft.

The Ukrainians quickly identified the occupier – it turned out to be Major of the Russian Aerospace Forces Andrei Fedorchukov. During interrogation, Fedorchukov admitted that he was also a mercenary for the Wagner private military company. The Russian occupier said that he is involved in the killing of Ukrainians for a mercenary's fee of 205 thousand rubles a month.

Fedorchukov, during interrogation, testified that the purpose of his attack was a company stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Previously, he made sorties for the bombing of Ukrainian cities. Fedorchukov really hopes for an exchange – he understands that the mercenary and he may not be put up for exchange, and he may suffer for his crimes. “Wagnerites” in Ukraine have a special relationship, their hands are stained with blood, they are specialists in killing civilians,” Butusov said.

He added that Russian militant pilots have serious problems with navigation. Fedorchukov, according to Butusov, had with him a Garmin navigator and a smartphone with the Pronebo program in order to have more accurate navigation than the on-board navigation aids of the PKS RF.

The journalist said that many Russians use American navigation aids, which testifies to distrust of the “domestic” military product. Butusov stressed that data from the American Garmins on the movement of the armed forces of the invaders would be very valuable.

The journalist also noted that due to the large losses of combat aircraft, helicopters and air force personnel, the Russian PS began hire pilots they no longer have.

Obviously, a captured Wagner mercenary is an important prize. It is worth showing what terrible consequences the Russian air terror brings. – summed up Butusov.

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