“Wagnerites” wounded in the war in Ukraine are being treated in a clinic associated with Putin's daughter

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In the same medical facility, Wagner mercenaries resumed after the war in Syria, which became known in 2020.

Wagner PMC mercenaries wounded in the war against Ukraine are being treated at the My Medical Center clinic in St. Petersburg. The medical institution is associated with a friend of the President of the Russian Federation, oligarch Yuri Kovalchuk, and the daughter of the leader of the state, Maria Vorontsova.

This is reported by Radio Liberty.

The journalists of the publication found that the interiors of the hospital were photographed in a linked with the leader of PMC “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin telegram channel.

So, on January 18, a video appeared on the Kepka Prigozhin channel with a visit by the founder of Wagner himself to “fighters with severe injuries undergoing rehabilitation in one of the clinics in St. Petersburg.” The footage shows Prigozhin communicating with a wounded man, who is recovering with the help of an exoskeleton, which reduces the load on the legs and lower spine.

The journalists found out that the video was filmed in the former SOGAZ medicine clinic on Malaya Konyushennaya Street. A photo of the room where Prigozhin was captured in the video is posted in the photo gallery on the website of the MMC Rehabilitation Clinic.

The publication also recalled that after the war in Syria, the Wagnerites were also treated at the SOGAZ Medicine clinic. In addition to mercenaries, the medical institution provided services to the closest friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the leaders of the FSB, the speaker of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, and other government officials.

It is noted that due to sanctions imposed by the European Union on February 28, 2022 against SOGAZ JSC, the clinic was forced to rebrand. In August, the managers of Nomeko JSC, a partner company of the SOGAZ insurance group, became the new owners of the network of clinics. Vladislav Baranov remained the head of the clinic. Members of My Medical Center LLC elected Baranov as the head of the Board of Directors in September.

It is through Baranov and Nomeko that the clinic is connected with Vorontsova. So, Baranov is a co-owner of Nomeko, which is behind the construction of a High-Tech Multifunctional Medical Complex in the Leningrad Region. According to the documents, Vorontsova is also a shareholder of Nomeko.

In addition, the nephew of the Russian dictator Mikhail Shelomov is also connected with Sogaz.

The role of Wagner PMC in the war in Ukraine< /h3>

In December 2022, the White House informed that Prigozhin sent 50,000 of his militants to fight in Ukraine. The oligarch spends more than 100 million dollars. per month for military operations in Ukraine. They also noted that Prigozhin was interested in competing with the Russian Ministry of Defense and strengthening his influence.

American analysts also indicated that Prigozhin was trying to increase the role of his company in military operations on the territory of Ukraine in order to establish himself as a central figure supporting the war of the Russian ultra-nationalist community.

Today, many “Wagnerites” have fallen in battles for the Ukrainian Bakhmut and Soledar in an attempt to capture the entire Donetsk region. As military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained, Prigozhin has his own interests in salt mines and limestone there.

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