War referendum: Georgia's ruling party suggests asking the people whether to fight with Russia


War referendum: Georgia's ruling party suggests asking people whether to fight Russia

The leadership of Georgia can organize a nationwide referendum. It is planned to ask a question at it: do Georgians want war with Russia.

This was stated by the head of the Georgian Dream party Georgy Kobakhidze, channel 24 informs. He promised that “the government will do what the people say”.

Referendum on war in Georgia

< p class="bloquote cke-markup">Let the people say if they want to open a second front in Georgia against Russia,” Kobakhidze emphasized.

Russians complain that they are not allowed to enter Georgia en masse< /strong>

Georgia has tightened border controls for Russians entering the country. They complain about the mass refusals of entry.

According to one of the propaganda media, the strengthening of border controls began a few weeks ago. Entry restrictions have affected Russians regardless of their circumstances and reasons for the trip.

“If there is no residence document, residence permit, then no other documents are a guarantee of entry into Georgia for Russian citizens,” said the director of the public Egor Kuroptev of the Free Russia Foundation in the South Caucasus.

It is noted that from March to June 2022, 3,036 Russian citizens were “turned around” at the entrance to Georgia. The country's Ministry of Internal Affairs did not explain the reasons for this.

In addition, as you know, one sixth of the Russians who arrived in Georgia after the start of the war in Ukraine stayed there for more than a month.

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