Was a scout – became a sniper: the Mariupol homeless man was again “captured” by Kadyrov's men


He was a scout – became a sniper: a homeless man from Mariupol was again

The man was again presented as a Ukrainian soldier/screenshot from the video

The film career of the Mariupol homeless man continues. Especially for the video, he was captured by the Kadyrovites for an encore. This time the man took on the role of not a Ukrainian intelligence officer, but a sniper.

In the second series, a homeless man, represented by Volodymyr, was taken “right at the firing position.” Since the man has a emaciated appearance, the authors of the video explain that he is a Ukrainian soldier who has lost a lot of weight.

The homeless woman was presented as a Ukrainian sniper

I served in the military registration and enlistment office, and then over here, in the 18th, – the “sniper” explains incomprehensibly, who is barely audible due to constant explosions.

A man is forced to undress , close-up remove tattoo. The flag of Ukraine, apparently, was “stuffed” with a felt-tip pen. The homeless man is again trying to tell something that, they say, he did not take part in the hostilities, he just “was sitting there somewhere.” p class=”bloquote cke-markup”>Probably, the Kadyrovtsy got really bad with the actors, because they went for a remake,” Piotr Andryushchenko, adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, commented on the situation on social networks.

Note that in the previous version the man was “caught by a Ukrainian intelligence officer” who voluntarily surrendered “captured” and repented. He told something about “self-defense” and showed on the map the “positions” of the Ukrainian defenders.

Mariupol volunteers recognized the man as a homeless man, who was often seen near one of the churches. He is addicted to alcohol.

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