Was it humans or animals? – a migrant about the reaction to the atrocities of the Russians near Kyiv


Did people or animals do this? – a displaced person about the reaction to the atrocities of the Russians near Kyiv

In the first days of the war, Marina Maguza was forced to leave Kyiv with her husband. Now the woman lives and works in Ivano-Frankivsk, but still remembers how she was shocked by the atrocities of the Russians during the occupation of the Kiev region.

Marina felt indignation and anger at the Russians after their crimes. As part of the SVOI project, channel 24 talked to a displaced person.

How Marina reacted to the atrocities

After the news about what happened in Bucha, during during the occupation, the woman did not know how to live on. She did not know how to go to work and talk to people, understanding what the main topic would be. Marina said that her friends' parents live in Bucha. They confirmed everything was correct. After that, Marina realized how much she hates the Russians.

I try not to mention it. When we read the news, we were indignant, and the men were angry, they were ready not to know what to do. I had a shock. I didn't understand how it could be. Did people or animals do it? – said Marina.

She added that it is impossible to live constantly in anger and hatred, but then in the spring it was simply impossible.

The displaced person advises to evacuate from dangerous places

Marina noted that you need to put your safety first. She told how she wanted her parents to move to Frankovsk, but they did not want to. At the same time, staying under rocket attacks or being occupied is life-threatening, but many people do not want to leave their homes and are hard to influence.

According to Marina, such people stay because they believe that the city is about to be liberated and everything will be fine.

The Russians are killing people in all the occupied territories

  • The American Institute for the Study of War said that the location of mass graves of civilians and dungeons in newly liberated Izyum confirm preliminary expert assessments that the atrocities in Bucha were not isolated war crimes.
  • Ukrainian defenders during the de-occupation of the territories will, in all likelihood, continue to find evidence of Russian war crimes and atrocities.< /li>
  • Kherson journalist Konstantin Ryzhenko said that when Kherson is de-occupied, Bucha will not seem so terrible.

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