We are in for an extremely difficult heating season – Shmigal about the scenarios the government is preparing for


We are in for an extremely difficult heating season – Shmigal about the scenarios the government is preparing for

Smihal spoke about the heating season/Channel 24 collage

Denis Shmihal said that the heating season 2022-2023 will be difficult for Ukraine. The prime minister explained that the government is preparing for different scenarios.

Shmihal recalled that Russian terrorist attacks are aimed not only at civilians, but also at critical infrastructure. Therefore, a very difficult heating season awaits us.

Schmihal spoke about the new heating season

Therefore, for 3 months we have been actively preparing for various scenarios. We have created an appropriate headquarters at the highest level. Such preparation includes 4 main aspects, – explained the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

According to Denys Shmygal, it is said about:

  • sufficient amount of gas reserves;
  • sufficient coal reserves;
  • readiness of energy generating enterprises and infrastructure;
  • preparation for emergency situations.

Ukraine accumulates gas, coal and prepares facilities

Denis Shmihal explained that Ukraine continues to pump gas into Ukrainian underground gas storages:

  • as of today, Ukraine already has 11.3 billion cubic meters of gas;
  • almost 3 have been pumped since the beginning of 2022 billion cubic meters of blue fuel;
  • opportunities have been created for the physical reverse of gas from Europe;
  • despite the war, gas production by the state company Ukrgasvydobuvannya almost did not decrease;
  • Neftegaz was tasked with having gas in storage by the beginning of the heating season 19 billion cubic meters of gas.

According to the prime minister, there are enough coal reserves – as of mid-July, this is 1.5 million tons of coal, which is 2.5 times more than those indicated by official documents guaranteed stock at the moment.

We continue to increase our own production (we are talking about coal – 24 channels). We are forming agreements with partner countries so that at the beginning of the heating season our reserves will be more than 2 million tons, – explained Shmihal.

Added that the state is also working on the readiness of energy generating enterprises and infrastructure facilities:

  • on average, a third of the work has already been completed to prepare heat supply facilities, housing stock and social facilities for the heating season;
  • almost UAH 300 million has been allocated for the repair of three thermal power plants in Chernihiv, Kremenchug and Akhtyrka. Repairs of boiler houses and power lines continue.

The government has allocated money for emergencies and will pay subsidies

The government has allocated UAH 1.4 billion for the purchase of backup equipment for regions, in where emergencies may arise.

When your geographical neighbor is an inadequate terrorist, you should prepare for any scenarios,” Shmihal assured.

The prime minister promised that all tariffs would remain unchanged. In addition, the authorities:

  • agreed with the World Bank and the EBRD to allocate more than $500 million to Ukraine to prepare for the heating season;
  • planned to approve a Joint Declaration of Association between the government and International Energy Agency to strengthen our cooperation and interaction.

The Prime Minister explained that we are already selling electricity to Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Moldova, and in the first half of the year, Ukraine increased its revenue from electricity exports by 1.5 times compared to 2021.

“All this is due to joining the energy system of Europe. We will actively continue this direction,” the prime minister promised.

Latest news about the heating season

  • On July 13, Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Maryna Lazebna said , that funds for subsidies are now available.
  • July 13, Denys Shmihal explained that before the start of the heating season, the Ukrainian government will allocate almost 300 million hryvnias for the repair of three thermal power plants. We are talking about Chernihiv, Akhtyrka and Kremenchug.
  • Russian troops destroyed more than 200 boiler houses and damaged a number of thermal power plants in Ukraine. Minister for the Development of Communities and Territories Oleksiy Chernyshev urged Ukrainians to prepare for the cold already now. He said that in some regions there may be problems with heating and electricity.

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