We are preparing for the offensive of Russian invaders on Severodonetsk – Gaidai


Getting ready to attack Russian invaders on Severodonetsk, – Gaidai

Preparing for the offensive of Russian invaders on Severodonetsk/Ukrayinska Pravda

Russian invaders continue to strike at the Luhansk region. They do not give up attempts to take control of the territory of the region.

Preparing for the attack of infidels on Severodonetsk

According to the head of the Luhansk regional military administration Sergei Gaidai, the enemy will advance on Severodonetsk in the coming days. He stated this in a short evening summary for May 14.

We are getting ready for two big Russian offensives against Severodonetsk and a breakthrough on the Lisichansk Bakhmut highway from Popasnaya and Belogorovka, – he noted .

He added that the invaders need the regional center “for show”, and the road – to cut off the region from communication with other regions, that is, to surround it.

The situation in the Lugansk region: Gaidai's data

  • Ukrainians are massively taken out of Popasna to the occupied territories in order to mobilize and force them to fight against Ukraine. There is information that infidels are beginning to be mobilized without a medical commission, besides, women will also be sent to war.
  • Luhansk region does not live, but survives. There are no communications. People don't come out of hiding. Relatives cannot find out if people are alive, there is no mobile connection. Keeps humanitarian aid, water brought by the State Emergency Service and faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine afloat!
  • Today, May 14, the evacuation was resumed – 25 people were taken out of Severodonetsk and Vrubovka.
  • In Vrubovka, who lives in Popasnyansky community, the situation is very acute. Russians destroy houses every day. They are firing multiple launch rocket systems and more and more often they are using aircraft.
  • Rashists are preparing to cross the Seversky Donets River in Belogorovka again. Some understood why they were being sent there, and the whole battalion refused to go on the attack.
  • But, according to Gaidai, “fresh” will soon come up. 2.5 thousand units of heavy equipment are already leaving in our direction from the previously occupied territories. We are waiting for the next “underwater” series in Belogorovka
  • Medical equipment in the occupied Rubizhny Krad, the chief doctor-traitor Eduard Kravchenko, together with Kadyrov's men.

Note – Sergei Gaidai on the situation in the Luhansk region: watch the video

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