We are suffering heavy losses, – Arestovich


We are suffering heavy losses, – Arestovich

Aleksey Arestovich commented on the situation at the front/channel 24 collage forces are trying to break through the defense of our defenders. In some places, the Russians manage to advance, but not to large areas.

This was announced on Channel 24 by Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President's Office. He also added that the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the enemy, unfortunately, are unequal, which is why the Ukrainian army suffers losses, despite professionalism.

At all points of collision, the Ukrainian army competently and professionally hits the enemy’s positions, says Arestovich.

We destroy command posts, points with fuel and weapons – this does not allow them to move on and requires regrouping. Our aviation and artillery confidently “carry out” their positions, so they cannot go on a confident offensive, – adds Yermak's adviser. p>Arestovich explains that Russia really has brought 22 battalion tactical groups to the Izyum direction, but there the composition is filled by 40-60% and the mood inside is by no means heroic.

“Our current problem is that five Russian ones fall on one of our cannons. This is why the invaders manage to squeeze us a little. strength and technology,” adds Aleksey Arestovich.

War losses

What can we hear now : The Russians are advancing, we are suffering losses. Of course, our losses are many times less than Russian ones, but they are still great. On the other hand, we see that the enemy is not even capable of fulfilling tactical goals, – says the adviser to the head of the OP.

We are not discussing operational and political goals at all now, because their implementation is not even close – this is an absolute ghost , says Arestovich. According to the adviser to the OP, now the Russians are using the last reserves and are unable to replenish them so that the third or fourth echelon is somehow filled.

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