We are talking about preparing for the winter, the political scientist suggested why Blinken came to Ukraine


We are talking about preparing for winter, – the political scientist suggested why Blinken came to Ukraine

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's unexpected visit to Ukraine should solve a number of problems. The parties can agree on their public positions and continue the dialogue on future cooperation.

Kyiv should use Blinken's visit not only to discuss the war, but also to solve economic problems. Political scientist Vladimir Fesenko told channel 24 about this.

Army and economy

The expert noted that the main goal of the visit remains unchanged – to help Ukraine resist Russian aggression.

As for military assistance, everything is happening as usual, although there are many nuances, Ukraine needs much more than it receives. Now we should concentrate on offensive weapons and additional military resources. This will be the subject of discussion,” the analyst explained.

In his opinion, in addition to military issues, the Ukrainian authorities will ask for economic assistance.

“We need not just economic and financial assistance and money. We are talking about preparation for winter and, in particular, gas supplies. At a minimum, we pumped into our underground gas storage facilities, but we need the physical volume of gas. I think that it is with Blinken that they can discuss the supply of liquefied gas volumes for Ukraine, and how to finance it,” Fesenko added.

He believes that this is an option for “insurance”, because the winter for Ukraine “will be difficult”.

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Political issues

Fesenko noted that today political issues will be secondary during the Secretary of State's visit to Kyiv.

There are purely political issues – concerning the coordination of common positions or overcoming differences. In recent days, discussions have arisen about recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. The Americans are not yet in a hurry with such a decision. I think that there are both tactical and strategic considerations here,” the observer said.

In his opinion, the parties need to balance their approaches so that there are no public contradictions.

“So that Ukraine does not there were suspicions that they cheated on us and did not help us. Such emotions do happen. Here we need a coordinated public position. There are also other issues, such as the regulation of the visa regime for Russians and the like,” the expert concluded.

Blinken's visit to Ukraine: what is known

  • September 8, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrived on an unannounced visit to Kyiv.
  • OP Speaker Sergei Nikiforov told Suspіlny that a meeting between Blinken and the President is planned Ukraine by Volodymyr Zelensky.
  • In addition, Blinken is to announce a new aid package worth more than two billion dollars for Ukraine and other European countries “potentially threatened by Russia in the future.”

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