“We are waiting for your morning address”: how a little girl in Chernihiv region changed Chaus' plans


Vyacheslav Chaus/Ukrinform

The head of the Chernihiv OVA, Vyacheslav Chaus, said that he decided to stop recording morning video messages so that the occupiers would not learn important news from them. However, the little girl Vlada changed his plans.

Chaus says that he has a large amount of information and would like to tell the inhabitants of the region a lot, but he understands that his enemies are listening.

So one day he decided not to write down such morning messages anymore.

I wrote down the message and told my team: “That's it, this is the last message, because objectively there is nothing to talk about. I I can’t say what I want, because the city is surrounded, the shelling doesn’t stop, constantly planes, rockets,” Chaus admits.

But on the same day he received a postcard from the girl Vlada, who wrote: “ We are waiting for your morning video message.”

Thus, Vyacheslav Vremya understood that it was necessary to continue. “Vladina's postcard became such a detonatorfor me to change my mind and write down these appeals,” he added.

By the way, Chernihiv is now in a very difficult situation. Communications partially do not work in the city, it is under constant shelling. The enemy has destroyed all possible roads and bridges, so it is difficult to evacuate people. Read more from Vyacheslav Chaus here.

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