“We are with you”: a large-scale march in support of Ukraine was staged in Krakow


A rally in support of Ukraine was held in Krakow/Andrii Rafael

All over the world support Ukraine's titanic opposition to Russian aggression. Thus, hundreds of our fellow countrymen and Poles marched through the streets of Krakow to express their solidarity.

Several streets in the city center were blocked for the march in support. This was done so that Ukrainians and Poles would jointly support our country in a difficult struggle against Russia.

Silence is violence

During the march, people carried blue and yellow flags. One of them was decorated with the inscription “We are with you.” People also shouted slogans:

  • “Silence is violence”,
  • “Stop the second Hitler”,
  • “NATO, close the sky”.

< p>An action was held in the center of Krakow in support of Ukraine:

"We are with you": a large-scale march in support of Ukraine was staged in Krakow

Photographer Andrei Rafael, who shot a photo report, said that not only the city center was blocked. They also stopped traffic along those streets that had not been seen without cars for a long time.

Because the Poles support Ukraine. Because the civilized world understands what the Ukrainians are fighting for today,” he stressed.

Note that in New York they went to a rally in support of Mariupol, as well as the defenders of the city. People chanted “Azov” during the rally.

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