We call for a return to diplomacy: Japan imposes sanctions against Russia

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We call for a return to diplomacy: Japan imposes sanctions against Russia

Japan introduces a series of economic sanctions against Russia. This was stated by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

The Japanese government has decided to impose a ban on the issuance of Russian bonds in their country, freeze the assets of some Russians and limit the ability to travel.

In addition, the possibility of strengthening restrictions on Russian banks is being considered. It adds that in the event of a Russian attack, the ban on the export of technology will be wider than it was introduced in 2014.

“Russia's actions are clearly detrimental to Ukraine's sovereignty and are contrary to international law. We once again criticize these actions and urge Russia to return to diplomatic discussions,” the prime minister said.

Kishida warned that if the situation worsened, the Japanese authorities would consider further measures.

Recall that on February 21, following an extraordinary meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, the Kremlin recognized the “independence” of the pseudo-republics of the “LPR” and “DPR”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed relevant decrees and “friendship agreements” with the leaders of the Luhansk and Donetsk terrorists.

After that, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced immediate tough sanctions against the interests of Russian business and warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against any further military action against Ukraine.

According to him, this is only the first stage, and the next sanctions will be implemented along with the US and the EU if the escalation continues.

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