We can liberate all territories: the ex-head of intelligence named 3 decisive months at the front


We can liberate all territories: the ex-head of intelligence named 3 decisive months at the front

Trying to constantly attack Ukraine, the Russian army is exhausting its forces. At the same time, Vladimir Putin sets specific, but unrealistic goals.

General of the Army of Ukraine, head of the Foreign Intelligence Service in 2005-2010 Mykola Malomuzh told Channel 24 about this. According to him, Putin does not take into account that Ukraine has a powerful defense system, national spirit and professional armed forces.

Ukraine daily destroys the enemy

Mykola Malomuzh noted that daily Ukrainian fighters kill from 800 to 1100 people, and if you take into account the wounded, the number of losses can be further increased.

We calculated that in 10 days these 5-6 brigades practically disappear from the battlefield, and these are actually professional troops, of which there are very few in Russia, – said Malomuzh.

According to the general, Vladimir Putin personally gives his troops the task of attacking Bakhmut and receives reports in the morning and evening on the advance of the troops. For the capture of Bakhmut alone, Putin has already set 15 deadlines, starting from May 2022.

The head of the Foreign Intelligence Service in 2005-2010 said that Russia is not capable of capturing Ukraine, but it is throwing everything it has for this: weapons, equipment, ammunition.

When Ukraine starts to liberate its territories: watch the video

Despite this, Ukrainian fighters continue to hold back the Russian invasion and are preparing for a counteroffensive.

Depleting their troops, we are doing this in several sectors: Svatovo-Kremennaya, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Vuhledar and Zaporozhye region. In these areas, the enemy cannot fight, and even more so, conduct offensive operations, and we are on our own land, the general said.

Maly is convinced that the situation in planning strategic offensive operations will systematically change in the coming months.

“This will be our time, I think that April, May, June is the period when the situation at the front will really change and we will have prospects for the liberation of the East and South of our state,” said the General of the Army of Ukraine.

Ukraine is preparing for a counteroffensive: latest news

  • According to statements by top Ukrainian officials, Ukraine should launch a large-scale counteroffensive in the coming weeks, and liberate all occupied territories by the end of summer.
  • Putin's visit to occupied Crimea on March 18, 2023 may indicate that Russia is preparing a large-scale propaganda campaign to maintain the image of the “impossibility” of returning Crimea to Ukraine.
  • According to the American politician Yuri Rashkin, Putin's visit to Crimea is just a propaganda tool, because there is no real opportunity to keep Crimea in Russia

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