“We can repeat”: the network has a cryptic warning with a countdown for the Crimean bridge


The Crimean bridge will be destroyed – this is already a truth that has been repeatedly spoken by the military-political leadership of Ukraine. And, obviously, something “grand” is waiting for this illegal construction in the near future.

This threat to the Russian bridge connecting the territory of the terrorist country with the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea appeared on the Crimean Bridge website 404″. The name clearly indicates that this construction was a mistake of the Russians, reports Channel 24.

Fireworks for the Day of Russia?

The site shows a photo of the Crimean bridge, taken on October 8, 2022 – when the explosion first occurred, which significantly damaged the bridge. There are also signs “Smoking is harmful to your health” and a warning to avoid smoking in inappropriate places.

What's more interesting is the countdown. If you believe the scoreboard on the site, then something should happen to the Crimean bridge on June 12 at 23:00 Kyiv time. And this is not an easy day. On June 12, the terrorist country celebrates the so-called “Day of Russia”. Therefore, it is likely that the Russians are waiting for an incredible fireworks display in honor of the “holiday”. However, what will happen to the Crimean bridge is unknown. We can only wait, believe and support the Ukrainian army.

Interesting! For the first time, the Crimean bridge exploded in the early morning of October 8, the day after the 70th birthday of the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin.

Ukraine may and should destroy the bridge

Partners, providing us with weapons, note that they cannot be used for strikes on the territory of Russia, however, Crimea, which the terrorist country considers its own for some reason, is still the territory of Ukraine under international law. Therefore, Western weapons can be used to destroy the Crimean bridge.

In particular, we are talking about British long-range Storm Shadow missiles. According to military expert Roman Svitan, 3-4 such missiles are enough to send an illegal structure called the Crimean Bridge to the dustbin of history. However, it should be noted that the Russians seriously guard this bridge and allocate colossal funds for this. Although the guards did nothing to save him from the events of October 8, 2022.

At the same time, political strategist Boris Tizenhausen explained why the Crimean bridge should be eliminated first of all. Particularly for military reasons. One of the reasons is that the Russians will not be able to overturn personnel and weapons on the temporarily occupied peninsula.

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