We can talk about hundreds of drones: the Air Force suggested how many Shahed-136 are in Russia


We can talk about hundreds of drones: the Air Force suggested how many Shahed-136s Russia has

The Russians began to actively attack Ukraine with Iranian drones. The Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine assumes that Russia has hundreds, if not more, kamikaze drones.

On October 5, Iranian Shahed-136 drones attacked Belaya Tserkov in the Kyiv region. Air Force Command Speaker Yuri Ignat told live how many more such drones could be in Russia.

How many Iranian kamikaze drones Russia has

According to Yuri Gnat, Russia now has about 4 aircraft of such weapons. We are talking about hundreds of kamikaze drones, and even more.

The Russians began to label Shahed-136 as “Geran-2”. The speaker notes that drones should not be called Geraniums. This masks the fact that the drones are supplied by Iran.

Recall that the Iranian Foreign Ministry officially stated that the country did not transfer drones to the aggressor country and that they support the side of Ukraine in the war. Iranian journalist for Euronews Persian Masoud Imani says that Russia could start mass production of Iranian drones.

How to recognize a kamikaze drone and what to do

Iranian-made drones such as Shahed-136 are quite powerful weapons. This was told by Channel 24 the speaker of the Odesa OVA Sergey Bratchuk.

According to him, the peculiarity of these drones is that they can be controlled remotely. That is, they are able to change their route, and this complicates their destruction.

The head of the OVA claims that Shahed-136 makes a characteristic sound similar to moped noise . If you heard him, then it is better to hide as soon as possible, because you have only a few minutes that can save your life.

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