We cannot exclude new waves of mobilization, but now there are no grounds, – Venislavsky


We cannot rule out new waves of mobilization, but now there is no reason, – Venislavsky

Venislavsky on the possibility of new waves of mobilization/collage 24 channels

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine, we have approved the introduction of a special regime – martial law, a number of waves of mobilization have already passed. Were drafted into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other sectors of the country's defense, those military personnel who have experience in combat operations since 2014, and we have about 400 thousand of them.

This is 24 channels said People's Deputy Fyodor Venislavsky. He also explained what state of equipment our troops are in now.

Today, even if general mobilization is announced in Russia, there are grounds for a wider involvement of Ukrainian citizens in the Armed Forces of Ukraine no. Our army is now well-equipped, the mobilization gave a good result, which we hoped for, – Fedor Venislavsky assures.

However, the MP notes that in the event of more significant threats from Russia, we cannot exclude the next waves of mobilization.

As of now, there are no grounds to react even to a full or partial Russia with the same.

The other side of the medal of Russian mobilization

Now we see that professional Russian military personnel and partly conscripts are fighting against Ukrainians, who are used as cannon fodder , says the people's deputy. He explains that in Russia there is no mass public outcry regarding the death of their children, men and brothers. Venislavsky is convinced that with the advent of general mobilization, these large-scale losses will become more and more difficult to hide. and will cause the same public outcry,” adds Fedor Venislavsky.

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