We can't stop, – Zelensky urged the world to continue to help Kyiv and put pressure on Moscow


We can't stop, – Zelensky urged the world to continue helping Kyiv and putting pressure on Moscow

Ukrainians are able to completely de-occupy all settlements, but they need the support of the world. In particular, the supply of weapons and powerful pressure on Russia.

This was stated by President Vladimir Zelensky during the meeting of the Yalta European Strategy, Channel 24 reports. He has no doubts about the Armed Forces of Ukraine, intelligence, special services and all Ukrainians who help the defenders liberate Ukrainian lands.

Zelensky spoke about the leaders pushing Ukraine to the wrong steps

The President said that Ukraine cannot afford to stop.

This is my main signal to anyone out there thinking something. Some even of the leaders, pushing us somewhere, into someone's extra arms. No, we cannot afford to stop,” Zelensky stressed.

According to him, this path will continue from the time when the entire state is fully focused and united for the sake of victory, until that special moment when all Ukrainians can finally feel that victory has taken place.

“I know that everyone is now worried about the key question: “When? When will we walk this path? When will there be victory?” The answer to this question can be given by the stage that we have ahead of us. I say frankly: it will be a difficult stage,” the head of state noted.

Zelensky added that it is necessary to survive the coming winter, because it will be the most difficult for the whole world.

The President called on the world to continue to help

The head of state said that in order for the de-occupation to take place, Ukraine needs specifics – weapons, shells, financial and political support, strong diplomacy and determination of the countries of the world at different levels.

Consequently, we need to maintain the unity of our partners and their willingness to help. Help without waiting for us to say enough is enough. We are grateful for everything that has been done, but it will not be enough until there is victory,” Zelensky added.

According to him, there is no doubt that Europe is able to survive the winter without Russian energy resources. However, in order for this to happen, one must be prepared to prevent any Russian sabotage, both armed and political. In addition, Russia's disinformation steps should be prevented.

“So, we need even more coordination, toughness, and pressure on Russia. The world must overcome the price crisis, which Russia is trying to exacerbate with its various well-known tools – it destabilizes markets, provokes hunger, intimidates ordinary people in different countries,” the president said.

According to him, one can protect oneself from a price crisis only through the complete dismantling of Russian influence on European societies, world markets and the global information environment.During the fall, it is necessary:

  • to maximize sanctions against Russia, its officials, banks, companies,
  • < li>agreed on all mechanisms for a real limitation of Russian export earnings,

  • provide all legal and political bases for the introduction of an international compensation mechanism and the confiscation of Russian assets abroad to compensate for the damage caused to Ukrainians by the war,
  • impose maximum visa restrictions for Russian citizens to encourage them to a visible anti-war movement,
  • block Russian propaganda and depor kill all propagandists from all democratic countries, so that Russia does not even have a chance to sow political and social chaos.

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