We do not believe the words of the Russians about the “withdrawal” – the head of the Chernihiv OVA


To words we do not believe the Russians about the

The Chernihiv OVA does not believe the statements of the Russians/Screenshot from the video

The day before, the Russians started talking about allegedly “withdrawing” their troops from the Chernihiv and Kiev regions. However, the Ukrainian authorities emphasize that these statements of the invaders should not be trusted.

This was stated by the head of the Chernihiv OVA Vyacheslav Chaus. According to him, despite Russia's public statements about the “withdrawal” of troops, the occupiers continue to attack the settlements of the region, including the regional center itself. , despite the alleged “withdrawal” of troops

Because the words of the invaders are not trusted in the Chernihiv OVA.

Yesterday, the Russians publicly announced that they were reducing their offensive operations and activity in the Chernigov and Kiev directions. Do we believe in it? Of course not. And we are ready for any development of events. And to meet the enemy in the Chernihiv region, too, which is what we are doing, – Chaus emphasized.

The actions of the enemies traditionally differ from their words. The Russians eloquently “confirmed” the so-called “decreased activity” in the Chernihiv region with strikes on Nizhyn. Throughout the night of March 30, the occupiers also beat Chernihiv.

Again, civilian infrastructure facilities were destroyed, libraries, shopping centers and other objects were destroyed, a lot of houses. Because all night the enemy thrashed Chernigov. But we will restore everything, and our Chernihiv will be even better than it was; our Nizhyn will be even better; all the cities of Chernihiv region will be much better than they are today, – summed up the head of the OVA.

Vyacheslav Chaus' morning address for March 30: watch the video

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The Pentagon believes that although a small part of the Russian troops allegedly retreated from Kyiv, Russia can still strike at the capital.

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