We don't have time, people are dying from purulent wounds, – a doctor from Mariupol appealed to Erdogan


We don't have time, people are dying from purulent wounds, – a medic from Mariupol turned to Erdogan

A medic from Mariupol turned to Erdogan/Channel 24 collage

A medic from Mariupol, a Crimean Tatar, turned to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He asks for help in getting people out of Azovstal.

The guy says that he doesn't even remember what day the war is today. People die on his hands: from bullets, from hunger, from lack of medicine, from terrible conditions.

We don't have time, I don't know if I'll have tomorrow, – emphasized the physician.

Appeal to Erdogan

The guy said that he was a Muslim, a Crimean Tatar, came from Giray. Before the occupation, he studied medicine, and now he provides medical care to the wounded at Azovstal. He says that before the war he had never seen death, he worked in an ambulance. He always helped people in any way he could.

But here in 2022, it hurts to watch people die in their arms due to the lack of antibiotics for festering wounds. We are constantly bombed from the air, sea and land,” the guy emphasized.

It is necessary to urgently withdraw all people from Azovstal

He added that women and children are dying – for no reason, since we did not attack anyone. The medic asks for procedures for the withdrawal of all people from the territory of Azovstal: both civilians and military. He begs to stop this nightmare.

The young man noted that Turkey and Ukraine have always been in close relations and supported each other. The state and Erdogan himself have a great weight in the politics of our region.

“We do not know where to write and whom to contact. Therefore, I appeal to you personally. I sincerely believe that Allah Almighty will not leave our good deeds and that you will help us,” the doctor summed up.

What is happening at Azovstal

Heavy battles are going on at Azovstal. The Russians broke into the territory and stormed the plant. The enemy's forces are vastly outnumbered. However, the Ukrainian defenders do not give up and continue to defend themselves in extremely difficult conditions.

Besides them, there are about 500 wounded soldiers and hundreds of civilians in the Azovstal bunkers.

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