“We don’t see them, fortunately”: Russian propagandists separated from Ukrainian media in Istanbul


Negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation/AP

Negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations regarding the war in Ukraine continue in Istanbul. The Ukrainian media are following the process, while Russian propagandists have been separated.

This was told by Channel 24 journalist Dariya Kudimova, who is now in Istanbul.

Russian journalists separated

Russian journalists who voice the Kremlin's propaganda also work in the negotiations, but the Ukrainian journalists did not see them.

We do not see them, fortunately, because it would be very difficult . We were separated, we don’t know exactly where they are… I can’t say that they were isolated from others, these are, in my opinion, such security measures that Ukrainian journalists would be comfortable working,” says Daria Kudimova.

< p>But international journalists, according to her, are waiting right on the street, where they will equip improvised film sets. The host of Channel 24 added that the main issue on Turkish TV channels is also negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. Representatives of the Ukrainian delegation approached the journalists and told them what was currently being discussed at the talks.

  • As Mikhail Podolyak noted, question No. 1 is a guarantee of security for Ukraine at the international level.
  • Question #2 is a ceasefire for humanitarian corridors. Since some cities cannot evacuate people or deliver humanitarian aid to them.
  • Question #3 is the treatment of prisoners of war. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine emphasized that lawyers will carefully deal with those war crimes that have already occurred in order to punish the perpetrators.

Podolyak added that we are talking about investigating crimes from both from the Ukrainian side.

Details from Daria Kudimova about the talks in Istanbul:

By the way, the meeting is taking place in the presidential palace Dolmabahce, it started a little later than 10:00. The parties did not shake hands. The Ukrainian delegation came first. When the Russians arrived, the Ukrainians did not even greet them.

Let us add that the Ukrainian delegation is represented by David Arakhamia, Oleksiy Reznikov, Mikhail Podolyak, Andriy Kostin, Kirill Timoshenko, Rustem Umerov, Nikolay Tochitsky.

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