We forced them to change tactics, – General Krivonos called the requirements for a successful counteroffensive


We forced them to change tactics, – General Krivonos named the requirements for a successful counteroffensive

Requirements for a successful counteroffensive/Channel 24 Collage

Ukrainian defenders are preparing for a counteroffensive and fired three settlements in the Kherson region and improved their positions. The Russian invaders were forced to change their tactics.


This is exclusive 24 channelssaid General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Krivonos. He named the requirements necessary for a successful counteroffensive by our defenders.

Russian resources

According to him, the Russians, due to open or closed mobilization, can easily replenish your reserves. Due to the large population of the country, they can “shut down” human resources if necessary. Another question is how they will present this to their people.

Change of tactics

At the same time, in order to increase their capabilities, they need several things: time and resources (in particular, material ones).

Sergey Krivonos

General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Although they have enough artillery, shells too, thanks to the active use of HIMARS, forced them to change tactics. They did and moved the logistics systems away from the front lines.

Accordingly, this affects their reaction to certain threats – it has become slower. However, this does not mean that they have completely lost their capabilities.

“Do not forget that they still have quite powerful aviation, missile forces and artillery. They can use this in combination to counteract our counteroffensive,” – Krivonos noted.

Requirements for a successful counteroffensive

As the general added, so that the counteroffensive does not turn into a “meat grinder” and be successful in the conditions of modern warfare we must fulfill several requirements:

  • the enemy must “fizzle out”, he must be stopped;
  • must cut off the aggressor's reserve approach system;
  • create an advantage over the enemy in a certain area, in particular, over its fire destruction systems.

When the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine takes place

  • Recently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have completely dismissed settlements of Ivanovka, Andreevka and Lozovoe in the Kherson region. At the same time, British intelligence assures that the counteroffensive has already begun.
  • However, the cyborg and people's deputy Roman Kostenko told Channel 24 that, most likely, this is only a preparation for the counteroffensive or only a small initial part of it.< /li>
  • Former SBU officer and expert of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future Ivan Stupak. He gave a forecast of exactly when a serious counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would take place. According to him, a moment has come in the war when Russian troops are practically unable to move forward.

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