We have already destroyed more than 30% of modern Russian tanks, – Andrusov


More We have already destroyed 30% of modern Russian tanks, – Andrusov

AFU destroyed about a third of modern Russian tanks/Getty images

You must understand that a tank that is over 60 years old is not a fact that it will travel far. We are talking about T-34 tanks, which Russia may soon reactivate for the war against Ukraine.

Victor Andrusiv, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, told Channel 24 about this. He also noted that it is not worth commenting on the firing range of such a tank at all, everything is outdated there – the engine, metal.

Before the war against Ukraine, Russia was armed with about 3,000 modern tanks, and more than 30% of them were destroyed by our defenders during the 3 months of the war. Well, in 6 months this figure will only increase, – Viktor Andrusov is convinced.

According to him, the use of even T-62 tanks looks like agony – it is not known how long it will last, but it is good that we see it .

What is known about the losses of the enemy at the front

The Russian army, which is considered “the second in the world”, suffers huge losses in Ukraine. As of May 28, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already eliminated 30,000 enemy soldiers. In the last 24 hours alone, they got even with 250 invaders. In addition, our soldiers destroyed a lot of enemy equipment: tanks, aircraft, air defense systems, cruise missiles, etc.

It should also be added that in mid-April, the Moskva cruiser sank, and along with there are a lot of Russians and enemy weapons. However, “trophies” soon arrived at the shore – a lifebuoy and a buoy.

The head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Serhiy Deyneko, spoke about this discovery on his Facebook. He noted that now these items will become part of the museum's exposition.

The total losses of the enemy during the entire war are:

  • tanks – 1,330 units;
  • armored combat vehicles – 3,258 units;
  • artillery systems – 628 units;
  • multiple launch rocket systems – 203 units;
  • air defense systems – 93 units ;
  • aircraft – 207 units;
  • helicopters – 174 units;
  • operational-tactical drones – 503 units;
  • cruise missiles – 116 units;
  • ships and boats – 13 units;
  • automotive equipment and tankers – 2226 units;
  • special equipment – 48 units.

According to the operational command “South”, the Ukrainian military managed to push back the infidels from their positions in one of the directions in the South of Ukraine. The Russians suffered serious losses and are now forced to defend themselves on unfavorable lines, because they are not fully equipped.

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