We have built up the coast guard, – the captain on the potential of the Ukrainian Navy after 8 years of occupation of Crimea


We built up the coast guard, – captain about the potential of the Ukrainian Navy after 8 years of occupation of Crimea

Ryzhenko about the potential of the Ukrainian Navy/Collage of 24 channels

Ukraine lost 80% of the assets of the Navy after the occupation of Crimea. However, over the past 8 years, the Ukrainian Navy was able to partially recover, including building up a serious coast guard and marines. Ryzhenko. He said that this was possible thanks to the help of international partners.

The expert says that in order to receive assistance from Western partners, it was necessary to prove to them what our long-term plans were.

“At the end of 2018, we developed a strategy until 2035 , where just gradually, according to the tasks and threats that we faced, we will work in three stages of building up the Navy,” the captain said.

According to him, for the first 5 years, the task was to ensure the prevention of aggression and the promotion of our defense and economy. And also participation in various regional initiatives in the nearest sea zone – the northwestern part of the Black Sea. per year for shipbuilding. However, this is 50 times less than in Russia,” Ryzhenko noted.

The former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Navy explained that within this amount they planned to build three different platforms, in in particular:

  • missile ships that would not allow landing ships to approach the coast and destroy those ships that strike at us,
  • boats that cover our coast from enemy raids and DRGs,
  • one option is boats that patrol critical sea areas for us and control ports.

Ukraine has seriously increased coastal defense and marines

The captain said that the Navy began to implement this program. Now the minimum number of opportunities at sea has formed.

We have seriously increased the coast guard and marines, and we also got missile weapons, which allowed us to prevent so that the enemy would seize our territories from the sea,” Ryzhenko said.

He added that now the enemy’s Navy has been pushed back from our coast actually under the Crimea.

Andrey Ryzhenko on the potential of the Navy and the buildup of forces:

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