“We have more than 600 wounded”: the defender of Mariupol asks for the “extraction” procedure


"We have more than 600 wounded": the defender of Mariupol asks for "extraction"

Sergey "Volina" asks to withdraw people from Mariupol/Collage of Channel 24 We are talking about people who are at "Azovstal" in Mariupol.

Marine Serhiy Volyn said this in his appeal. He noted that as of April 27, more than 600 wounded people are known in Mariupol, who need medical assistance.

“There are no conditions, no medicines, no personnel who could help them,” Volyn stressed.

Help. The extraction or exfiltration procedure involves the withdrawal of military and civilians from the battlefield to a safe zone.

As the acting commander of the 36th Marine brigades, the wounded are among the civilians. In general, hundreds of people are now hiding at Azovstal, including dozens of children and pensioners.

The situation is very complicated. There are problems with food and water. Not to mention the lack of ammunition and the like, – Volyn said.

The Ukrainian defender asked for an extraction procedure. This allowed for the evacuation from Mariupol. “Introduce the extraction procedure, otherwise people will simply die,” he summed up.

Appeal of Marine Sergei “Volyn” from Mariupol: watch the video

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